Let Me Introduce Myself ... 

My name is Iosif “JOSEPH” Irasoc. I am the owner of World’s Best Flooring. While I am proud of my Eastern European heritage, I am also proud to live in the greatest country I call home - America! With hard work and determination, success is possible to achieve. I’m proud to be your neighbor here in Knoxville, TN, with my wife and three children. Our team is ready to serve all of your wood flooring needs! Our greatest priority is quality customer service you can count on!

Results Speak For Themselves

We at World’s Best Flooring understand the splendor that hardwood flooring adds to your home. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our work and focus on customer satisfaction. Our experienced team of flooring men are motivated, hard-working, and passionate about every project.

World's Best Flooring Advantage

What set’s us apart from other hardwood flooring providers? 
World’s Best Flooring education about the product and honest pricing. 
We specialize in the installation of solid hardwood, Engineered hardwood, and vinyl flooring. 
Evaluating the areas for installation and determining what is the best fit for your home. Education on the different materials and maintenance to help you decide whats the right choice for your home. 
Honesty & Transparency
Upfront and transparent pricing with no surprise costs. Setting realistic expectations on the completion of the project. We know you're eager to enjoy your new flooring. 
We do quality work done right the first time. From installation, matching stains, or revitalizing your floors we have the dedicated team to ensure your satisfaction. 
If you're thinking about the beauty and splendor of hardwood flooring in your home, call World’s Best Flooring today. We want you to have the confidence to say I have the World’s Best Flooring.

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We can give you an instant quote on what your floors would cost to install based on your measurements.

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