Measure Your Square Footage

Measuring Your Square Footage is really easy. Just follow the instructions below and you will have your total square footage that you can use in our quoting system.

How to Measure SqFt of a Room

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To calculate the square footage of simple room is really easy. Just grab your measuring tape and get the length and width. In the example above, you have one room that is 20 feet wide by 10 feet long. Multiply those two numbers together and you have your square footage. So in this case, 
20 x 10 =200 SqFt

How to Measure SqFt of a House

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If you want to get square footage of you entire house, just think of your home as a bunch of small boxes. Add up each rooms square footage to get a total square footage of your home. For example in this case you would add 
200 + 100 + 100 + 100 = 500 SqFt

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